Wvsao My Apps (2024)

1. WVSAO.gov

  • Local Government

  • The Official Website of the West Virginia State Auditor's Office

2. wvOASIS

  • Contact Us · Upcoming Events · Job Opportunities · VSS Training

  • wvOASIS.gov

3. WVOasis/MyApps Portal - OpenGov

  • See the panels below to connect to WVOasis and the State Employee's MyApps page. WVOasis Link. Click here to be directed to the WVOasis website. My Apps/ESS ...

  • © West Virginia State Auditor's Office

4. [PDF] Creating A “myApps” Account - West Liberty University

  • • Go to https://www.wvsao.gov (West Virginia State Auditor's website) ... • Fill in the information below to create a myApps account. ... Be sure to always “Logout” ...


  • Feb 14, 2017 · Navigate to the myApps website at https://myapps.wvsao.gov/apps/default.aspx. 2. If you do not have a myApps account, click on Create.

6. [PDF] wvOASIS/Kronos Information - Glenville State University

7. West Virginia Checkbook: Welcome

  • WVOasis - MyApps - Self-Service. Welcome. State Total Compensation. State K-12 Education Spending. State COVID-19 Transparency. American Rescue Plan Funding ...


8. How to Complete Your Refresher Cardholder Training | PCPS

  • May 13, 2022 · Log onto the State Auditor's Office's website at http://www.wvsao.gov/ using your My Apps ID and Password. If you have not created a MyApps ...

  • All WVU and WVURC cardholders are required to complete “refresher training” every two years, to avoid having their PCards’ canceled. To complete your training, please use the following instructions:

9. [PDF] Creating a myApps Account - Glenville State University

  • Creating a myApps Account https://myapps.wvsao.gov/. Create Account -. Click - I understand and agree to the terms of this contract as stated above. Next ...

10. Expenditure Schedules - State Budget Office - WV.gov

  • [available at https://myapps.wvsao.gov → Enterprise Readiness → Training → Budget Development ​. Contact Us | Disclaimer | Privacy | Site Map · Privacy ...

  • Find the Governor’s Executive Budget documents, as well as budget bills approved by the Legislature.

11. [PDF] Radio Checklist 12/2/2021 - wvOASIS

12. [PDF] Kronos-Tutorial.pdf - West Liberty University

  • ... wvsao.gov/. Note: Use Internet Explorer to access Kronos and make sure your Java is up to date. Click on the yellow My Apps icon. Sign in and then click on the ...

13. [PDF] PCard Reconciliation WVOasis Things you will need - suweb.site

  • My Apps Password. Scanned image of signed receipts. Funding information. Page 2. Go to the following website and bookmark: http://www.wvsao.gov. Click on the ...

14. Getting a P-Card – Finance - Marshall University

  • 2. Click on the “My Apps” link, and either Sign In or Sign Up. 3. Complete the series of questions to verify your identity. 4. Complete the State Purchase Card ...

  • All training for the Purchasing Card is now done in an online format. This online training is required every two years for existing cardholders.

15. How to Complete Your Financial Transaction Approver Training | PCPS

  • Feb 5, 2019 · 1. Log into the State Auditor's Office's website at: http://www.wvsao.gov/using your “My Apps” ID and Password. If you do not remember your ...

  • Background Image for Header:

16. Articles containing tag oasis - Concord University Help Desk

  • ... myapps.wvsao.gov/apps/myOasis/OSI/OasisStatus.aspx][5] Omnilert: [https://status.omnilert.net/][6] Qualtrics… section icon. Campus Software. last updated icon.

17. [PDF] Purchasing Card Policies and Procedures

  • training Hnk localed In mYApps at https:/lwww.wvsao.gov before P-Carct appl'ltatlons will be processed, P~Cardswill not be Issued without a signed ...

18. [PDF] TRAVEL18 - WV.gov

  • Go to the www.wvsao.gov screen and click. MyApps. Select the myApps V2 option and sign in using your email and password credentials. Select the Employee Self ...

19. Wvsao: Fill out & sign online - DocHub

  • ... myapps kronos wvoasis login www wvsao gov meetings wv state auditor's office salaries wv state auditor delinquent land. Related forms. Form preview image. A ...

  • Edit, sign, and share real s wvsao online. No need to install software, just go to DocHub, and sign up instantly and for free.

20. [PDF] Cardholder Instructions: Reconciling Your P-Card Transactions

  • browser: https://myapps.wvsao.gov/apps/default.aspx. 2. SIGN IN to your myApps account using your email address and password. 3. CLICK on the red button for ...

21. Articles containing tag turnitin - Concord University Help Desk

  • ... myapps.wvsao.gov/apps/myOasis/OSI/OasisStatus.aspx][5] Omnilert: [https://status.omnilert.net/][6] Qualtrics… section icon. Campus Software. last updated icon.

22. WV State Police

  • Saturday, May 25, 2024. Sign In. Email: Password: Create Account. |. Reset Password.

  • Sunday, May 26, 2024

23. [PDF] KRONOS “CHEAT SHEET” - suweb.site

  • Log in to myApps (https://www.wvsao.gov). 2. Click on the orange box labeled Kronos Time and Leave. 3. You may get a message saying “Activate Java”. If so ...

24. [PDF] THE BUYERS - WV.gov

  • May 6, 2014 · a “myApps” account at www.wvsao.gov. Once sign up was completed, the agency coordinator will assign training mod- ules to the Purchasing ...

Wvsao My Apps (2024)
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