WIP Beta released - Car Jump Arena 2024 [PAID Early Access] (2024)

MysteryManGER proudly presents:

Car Jump Arena 2024

Hey everybody,

I am working on this map since october 2022.

It's a sequel to the first „Car Jump Arena“ map released back in 2016. This map is completely made from scratch and exclusive for BeamNG.Drive. No conversion from another game and no remaster of the old map.

Map informations:

  • Location: It belongs to the fictional "Beamhausen" district in germany and it is located directly by the sea. Surrounded by beach, farms and forests.
  • The map itself is an open world. You can reach all attractions and places by public roads or walking paths. The possibilities are endless. Go where you want, do what you want!
  • Almost every building can be entered in walk mode. The garages, the hotel, the television tower, every grandstand, the stadium, camera towers, windmills...etc.
Technical features:
  • map size: 2048 x 2048
  • 32 spawn points (more to come)
  • 500+ custom static objects, buildings, props... with LOD and collision meshes
  • animated objects, such as animated doors, windmills, funfair rides, helicopters, LED lights, etc.
  • PBR textures (most)

Map features:

  • "Car Jump Ramp": Like a ski jump – but designed for cars.
  • "High Striker": A 220m high tower awaits you and your car. Accelerate and try to get as high as possible.
  • "Rail Master": Try to keep your balance on the rail as much as possible. Maybe you can make it to the other side! You can play this car game in two ways: first by total distance in meters (distance is displayed at the top left) - or by points. There are 9 fields under the rail. For every field you pass, the points double. When you fall off the rail, you get the points of the field you landed in (the points are shown in the top left).
  • "Stone Skipping": Speed up and try to drive as far as possible on the surface of the water before your car sinks.
  • "Long Jump": Should be self explanatory.
  • "Roof Slider": Try to slide as far as possible on your cars roof.
  • "SkyDome Adventure World": Your car and a big glass sphere. Sounds like fun. Woohoo!
  • "Roll Over Contest": Drive down a short slope, choose one of the two ramps and try to roll over your car as many times as possible. That's what the audience wants to see there! Don't get dizzy!
  • "Bobsleighing": Throw your car into the ice channel and try to get down safely!
  • "Carkour": Once a year, the "Carkour Masters" takes place in the large Beamhausen Stadium . There are four stages - from easy to very difficult. It consists of various jumps, loops, balancing acts and descending walls. Can you reach the top of the stadium and call yourself a true "Carkour Master"? It's not about speed, it's about reaching the end.
  • "Sea Gull Flying Days": How far can your car fly? Can you reach the end of 1500m?
  • "Tower Diving": Jump from the 50 meter tower and try to collect as many points as possible.
  • "Particle accelerator": With a diameter of approx. 6 kilometers and a circumference of almost 18 kilometers, the particle accelerator is ideal for testing the top speed or maximum range of your car. An ambient temperature of -30°C ensures that the motor does not overheat. There is currently no entrance from the outside, but you can spawn directly into the tunnel via the spawn point. The details on the tunnel walls have no collision. This isn't a mistake, it's intentional so that you can drive along the walls if you want.
Supporters Edition & Free Version:

For people who want to support me and my work, there is the possibility to purchase the "Supporters Edition" (available from September 2023). This gives you direct access to the map, monthly updates and also the final version with all features. For everyone else, the final version (with slightly reduced content) will also be available for free via the "BeamNG Repository" – when it's done. Here is a comparison between the two versions:

Known issues & bugs:

- You need at least the game version 0.31 to run this map properly. It may also run on lower versions, but I make no guarantees about that! Try at your own risk!

- If you have the problem that the sun reflection flashes on glass surfaces - or you have poor performance with active night lights, then set the "Shader Quality" to "Low".

Update February 2024 (v2402):


  • a few floating trees have been removed.
  • removed some "decal"-related bugs. Thanks to the beta testers.
New Content:
  • added new car game "Rail Master". Try to keep your balance on the rail as much as possible. Maybe you can make it to the other side! You can play this car game in two ways: first by total distance in meters (distance is displayed at the top left) - or by points. There are 9 fields under the rail. For every field you pass, the points double. When you fall off the rail, you get the points of the field you landed in (the points are shown in the top left).
  • added a new spawnpoint.
  • added a new sponsor (Niveau)
  • added 3 new pavilion colors: green, red and black
  • A little spruced up here and there!

Update January 2024 (v2401):


  • a problem with the mountains in the map background has been fixed.
New Content:
  • the map has been renamed "Car Jump Arena 2024" to better distinguish it from the (soon to be released) free version "Car Jump Arena 2023".
  • added a new spawnpoint.
  • added a new garage: "Edge Motorsports"
  • new feature: Watches can be found in certain places. Stand underneath it in walking mode and press the SPACEBAR to change the time of day. For now you can only find it on the left behind the entrance to the "Rock Wars Festival" and the hotel lobby. In the future you will be able to find the watches in other places.
  • Fairground started: The following rides are included so far: Break Dancer, XXL swing and the Ferris wheel. This part of the map is just a concept for now to show you what to expect. The rides have no collision and no LOD meshes yet. Please note that.
  • Rock-Wars-Festival expanded: With the kind permission of DJ Axcess and Rock-Wars.de I was allowed to include three selected music tracks from the album. There are also suitable lighting effects (at night).
  • Pier update: The base of the Ferris wheel has been designed.
  • A little spruced up here and there!

Update December 2023 (v2312):


  • added missing texture layers (Ambient Occlusion, Metallic, Normal & Rough) to garage designs.
New Content:
  • added 2 new spawnpoints.
  • added new car game “Tower Diving”. The elevator to the top is still missing, but the minigame is already playable.
  • added new car game "Particle Accelerator".
  • Rock-Wars-Festival: In friendly cooperation with "Rock-Wars.de" and "DJ Axcess" a festival area was built behind the "Roof Slider" starting point. In the future there will be a main stage and two smaller tents in which selected music tracks from the two albums can be heard. Of course, the right lighting won't be missing either!
  • added 3 new garages: "L/I's Cosmic Motorsports", "Szynski Race Team" and „Tom B. Morrissey“
  • added 2 new food stands: “Rock Schnitzel” (Rock-Wars.deexclusive) and “Churros” (Pier exclusive)
  • Pier update: Various details and a railing have been added. The outbuilding began to be designed.
  • added tunnel lighting to the Roof Slider event.
  • a little spruced up here and there!

Update November 2023 (v2311):


  • a few floating trees have been removed.
New Content:
  • added 3 new spawnpoints.
  • new car game. "Seagull" presents the "Seagull Flying Days". How far can your car fly? Can you reach the end of 1500m?
  • added hot air balloons.
  • the tunnel was expanded. Pillars, emergency exits and road markings have been added.
  • added various new traffic signs.
  • working starting lights for car games have been added.
  • added parking lot lighting.
  • 2 sponsors received a second design (Froglex (green) & Sea Gull (white))
  • the scale of the seating outside the pier was adjusted and a railing was added.
  • added a second entrance to Paddock P3 (Roofslider Contest).
  • a little spruced up here and there!

Update October 2023 (v2310):


  • an invisible wall at the end of the „Bobsleigh“ has been removed.
  • Fixed "No Texture" error.
New Content:
  • added 4 new spawnpoints.
  • added new garage designs and put the second row of garages into operation.
  • improvements to the helicopter and the transport container.
  • the highway has been improved. Signs, guard rails and protective walls have been added.
  • added 1 new drinking stand („Bierfranzl“)
  • added 4 detailed merchandising stands (davidinark, Neilogical, MysteryManGer & Rhenox Gaming)
  • added 3 new sponsors (Immobile, Holy Moly & Mike)
  • added the „Little Rock‘n‘Rollover Inn“ behind the rollover-contest.
  • the interior of the stadium has been improved.
  • the “CJA - Visitor & Information Center” opens its doors. Here you'll find useful information about the map, update notes and contributing garage artists.
  • a little spruced up here and there!

  • Ground-textures, asphalt-textures, asphalt-markings, vegetation and trees (except the "far terrain" lowpoly-trees), rocks, clouds – official BeamNG-content
  • Garage-Designs (in alphabetical order of the teamname)
  1. 23 Terrabytes (23 Terrabytes)
  2. Ananel81(Ananel81)
  3. BeautifulOB (Shadows)
  4. Burnside (bussin.buses)
  5. Butch13 (butch81385)
  6. Camodo Gaming (Shadows)
  7. Charge Customs (charge_1)
  8. Crashboompunk (Agent_Y & Felipe Maciel)
  9. Custom Customs (bussin.buses)
  10. davidinark (davidinark)
  11. Demolition Republic (Demolition Republic)
  12. Diesel Duster (DieselDuster)
  13. Exotic Sports Car Jump Devision (XoticVR)
  14. FPU (coolcarguy#1)
  15. Indigo (XoticVR)
  16. Joob Performance (Joobles)
  17. JowoHD (JowoHD)
  18. K-Club (Fonnie Faxbear)
  19. L/I Cosmic Motorsports (L/I)
  20. Mile High Racing Team (lumbud84)
  21. Mystery Motorsports (MysteryManGER)
  22. Neilogical (Shadows)
  23. Palmero Racing (jezz@)
  24. Rush Fur (Hasservern)
  25. Shados Customs (Shadows)
  26. Spealer (Spencer Johnson)
  27. SpyCakes (Shadows)
  28. SzynSki Race Team (qaqa2)
  29. SSR Garage (SSRG)
  30. Street Machines (bussin.buses)
  31. SubRosa (ghost_cauli)
  32. Technomax (Techno MAX)
  33. Tom B. Morrissey (MysteryManGER)
  34. Toy Building Block Motorsports (Agent_Y)
  35. Volitalia (ghost_cauli)
  • Sound effects: copyright free samples from soundcloud.com
  • Podium melody: Georges Bizet - Carmen
  • Rock Wars Festival: Christian Gutsch (DJ Axcess) (logos, covers)
  • Rock Wars Festival music (in alphabetical order):
  • Christian Gutsch (DJ Axcess) - Started You Must Get This Faster Starship
  • DJ SeVe - Jealous Mama
  • Robin Skouteris - Whole Lotta Rockin' Beats
  • Level-Design, meshes, animations and textures (except the ones mentioned above): MysteryManGER
  • Beta-Test (in alphabetical order): Ananel81, foxvnop45, Shadows, XoticVR
  • Special thanks to (in alphabetical order): DaddelZeit, Neilogical, Spencer Johnson – and of course the BeamNG GmbH for creating such a great game

8K screenshot quality. Work in progress!


official Release Trailer
by Neilogical
by Camodo Gaming

by Demolition Republic
by Beautiful OB

by Spealer
by davidinark

by Charge Up

by Bentonchiez

by Kieranisplaying

by LPN05 (german)
by Paluten (german)
by Paluten (german)
by Ananel81 (french)

Download Early Access:

>> GumRoad <<

My Youtube-Channel (please subscribe): https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNQm5hKfXdwCWYO9sHub0ww

Please note that the map is a work in progress and that the images/videos may not reflect the final result.


WIP Beta released - Car Jump Arena 2024 [PAID Early Access] (2024)
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