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THE EVENING TIMES, SAYRE, SATURDAY, AUGUST 13, 1933 PAGE SIX ing for Nick Basca of Phoenix-villej triple threat ace of the undefeated 1937 freshman team. Another outstandine sophom*ore is Top-notch sophom*ores besides Basca and Androlewicz, are Stanley Stress of Chester and Len Ko-lenda of Nantico*ke, ends; Bill Do- p.m. Wednesday, Prayer meeting. Important! Reserve Wednesday evening August 24th! You will be interested! Watch next week's church notes for detailed Sunba? in tbe Gburcbes Clem Androlewicz, 205-pound kas of Wilkes-Barre, a tackle- tackle from Mt. Carmel.

George roweu oi uonsftohocken, a heavy I guard; and John McKee of Androlewicz may see duty as the tackle positions are bon, N. a center. THE WASHINGTON MERRY-GO-ROUND The WUdcast last year won e.ri the only weak spots on the team. myre games and were held to a sco" John Melius and Jordan Oiivar, Glen Walter, speaker. m.

Rev. Kenneth E. Heim, rector service, 12, sermon, "The Greater Tuesday: Valley Federation of uf St. Stephen's Episcopal church, Things Expected." Evening serv- Men's Bible classes annual picnic Ferguson, Missouri, will officiate ice, 8, sermon, "Caleb, the Faith- at Chemung Springs park, begin- at the service. Church school atiful Spy." ning at 3 p.m.

Supper at 6:30. Wed- 10:15 a.m. both mentioned for "all" honors, i less deacJock by Auburn. Victims graduated from these posts. i were P.M.C., Manhattan, Bucknell, Returning veterans include Wy-I Detroit, Marquette, Boston, Tem- Vaverly GOSPEL TABERNACLE Christian and Missionary Alliance Rev.

C. E. Humiston, pastor 10. Bible school; 11. sermon for young people; 6.

prayer; 6:30,, young people's service, leader Robert Lytle of Chemung; 7:30, evangelistic message, theme, "A Life Which is Worth Living." The Week Wednesday at 7:30, prayer service; Friday at 7:30, missionary prayer service. FIRST BAPTIST Rev. Floyd N. Darling, pastor Vo Sunday services during August. Thursday at 7:30, midweek prayer service in charge of the board of deacons.

nesday: Picnic of Worker's Con- ference at Waverly Glen with sup- FIRST PRESBYTERIAN (Continued from Page 4) persuading him to join his coalition ticket. Dewey didn't want to run, was afraid he wouJd be licked, required a lot of coaxing from the "Little Flower." But now that La-Guardia has succeeded, he privately chalks it down as a bone-head play. Dewey was once a timid-looking youngster who had come to New socki, Bob Buckley of Red Bank, jple and Loyola. Marquette was the N. Frank Bukefski of Nantico*ke only team to score against Smith's and Nowak, ends; William Coch- squad but was beaten 25-7.

rane, of Jersey City, N. tackle; This year's schedule; Oct. 1, Matt Kuber and Dave DiFillipo, lAmerican International, home; Oct. Milan per at 6:30. Bring families.

The Kev. Archibald McKiniay minister young people who attended the 9:45 a.m. Sunday Bible school I Pinebrook Conference will report for everyone. 11 a.m. Morning tha rankrin' Thurso voishir led bv Dr.

David L. I REE METHODIST H. D. Brink, pastor Helen B. Brink, assistant pastor Sundsy school at 10, Mrs.

Nellie Brown, superintendent. Preaching by the pastor at 11. His subject will be, "Going Forward." Preaching at night, Mrs. Brink, will preach. Class meeting on, Tuesday at 7:30 p.m.

Bible study class meets Thursday at 7:30 p.m. Mrs. Brink in charge. both of Philadelphia, guards. Har- ,8, Muhlenberg at Allentown; Oct.

Prayer meeting. 7:30. Cooper, Ph.D., oi Los Angeles, Cal- ifornia, president of the Biolical vey Buck of Lower Merion and '15, Centre at Shibe Park, Philadel- Harry Mazzei of North Bergen, N. 'phia; Oct. 23, Detroit University Research society.

York from Owosso, Michigan, to i quarterbacks; John Howlett of Shibe Park; Oct. 28, South Car- Athens study law at Columbia and sing in Philadelphia, William Romano wski olina, at Orangeburg, S. Nov. GOSPEL TABERNACLE 702 Welles Avenue FIRST BAPTIST of Avoca and Mike Sabrinski of 5, Auburn at Shibe Park; Nov. 12, Mahanoy Plane, halfbacks, and st Temple: Nov.

19, at Boston uni-John Gogolinski of Mocanaqua versify, Nov. 24, Manhattan at New and Tom McMahon of Bryn Mawr, lYork, and Dec. 18, Loyola at Los fullbacks. Angeles. the choir of St.

Matthews and St. Timothy's. He came from an excellent family, could boast Admiral Dewey of Spanish War fame as his cousin, had worked in his father's print shop, where he was reputed to ULSTER METHODIST Cassius L. Myers, minister Mrs. Sidney Cooper, choir director Mrs.

Guy Bidlack, pianist 10 a.m. Sunday school. Marvin Grant, superintendent. Everyone will find a most cordial welcome in our school. Classes for all and a place for all.

11. a.m. Morning service. M. Myers will preach.

Special music. Everyone is most cordially invited. 7 p.m. young people's meeting. Miss Gladys Lent, president.

All young people will enjoy this meeting. A most cordial welcome to all. FIRST PRESBYTERIAN Rev. Thomas Tighe, pastor No services during August. Rev.

A. H. Ganoung, pastor Sunday- AuS- 14-10 a m' BibIe Sunday school at lu wun classes scho1- 11 am' WorshlP all. Morning worship at 11 with 6:30 m- Y- P' S' Ah sermon. L.

Beuter will be our yunS Pe0Ple are invited' 7:30 p' guest pieachei. Junior C. E. at m- Evangelistic service. with Carlton Ward and Jun- Monday, Aug.

p.m. lor Jackson as leaders. Evening Missionary piayer band meetmg. worshiD at Mr. Rpntpr Wednesday, Aug.

177:30 p.m. CHURCH OF THE REDEEMER Glen B. Walter, rector Kathryn Price Kresge, organist and choirmaster Ninth Sunday after Trinity 8, Holy Eucharist. 9:30, Church school in the parish house. 11, Morning prayer and sermon; Treble choir.

7:30, Union service EMPIRE STATE GOVERNOR ELLISTOWN EMORY CHAPEL Rev. Judd L. Hunter, pastor Junior Sunday school. 9:30 a.m.; 7 p.m-. young people's and adult 7:45 worship serv have learned to understand the labor point of view.

Successively as U. S. Attorney, as special prosecutor of banker Charles E. Mitchell and beer-baron Waxey Gordon, and as special preachuig. Mid-weel: piayer meeting.

Mis. Anna L. Markley, prominent Phil- adelphia gospel singer will sing at Answer to Previous Puzzle Thursuay evening at 7:30 the in the Baptist church with Rev. G. i B.

Wal'ev preaching. i vice investigator, Dewey learned all these services, Tuesday, Aug. Mvei, 'm' prayer ana praise meeting. A delightful hour ol and prayer. E.

M. Brennan will be the leader. 16 7:30 p.m. The famous male L11, i.ou p.m. Thursday, Prayer meeting.

to cast aside his timidity. He is now forthright, fearless and at times ruthless. He knows what he wants and goes after it. The old Labor veneer has worn off, and he stands 23 Relatives. 24 Being.

26 To make mistake. coins. 28 Sheltered place. 32 Aurora. A 33 To hoot.V 34 Short pithy expression.

36 Pathway be ilum I important Reserve Tuesday lege, Un.versity Park, Iowa, will evening August 23rd! Watch the sing. The Fletcher College quartet church notes next week for detail-is one of the finest male quartets ed information. You will be in-rn the country and all are urged terested! to attend and enjoy this privilege. ice; Thursday at 7:30 p.m.. prayer meeting at the church.

DRY BROOK COMMUNITY CHURCH Rev. Judd L. Hunter, pastor 1:30 p.m.. Sunday school; worship service; Wednesday at 7:30 p.m., prayer meeting. NORTH WAVERLY CHAPEL Rev.

Judd L. Hunter, pastor 10:30 a.m., Sunday school. Join our Sunday school builders' club. PI ANiOUKEyJPEDA'L eE1tTr eIgDhove i Iehh D'Rpful hjJe a EpHT I PaMANpPlT QMQ TP Ay Gj WO I Ml I ffPSIPJ aMdOTJ I NIC WA 0 i Dn 0,083 A sit a bilDpIeInIaIlItIv kBg AMqpoq klMER ANO rPlEimcluislsiilolNl HORIZONTAL 1 Present gov- ernor of New York State. 12 Pertaining to the calf of the leg.

13 Age. 14 Fertile plots in deserts. 16 To combine. 17 Intention. 18 To attack.

19 Mark of identification. 21 Coagulated. 25 Doge's medal. METHODIST EPISCOPAL E. Laurence Martin, minister Sunday school, 9:45.

L. E. De-Laney, superintendent. Morning service at 11 a.m.; sermon "Songs in the Night." Union evening service at 7:30 p.m. in the Baptist church.

Rev. Glen B. Walter will preach the sermon. 9 4 "Distinctively Different Services" "Know the Truth and the Truth Shall Make You Free" stripped to what he really is a Tory Republican, personally and politically ambitious, and determined to put the ideas he stands for back in power. The Labor-Liberals who made him may not like it, but Tom Dewey is their greatest stumbling block to success in New York City or State.

(Copyright, 1938, by United Feature Syndicate, Inc.) METHODIST EPISCOPAL Rev. Thomas G. Swales, pastor 10, church school, Wells Parks, superintendent; 11, morning worship, pastor's theme, "Quickened choir will sing; 7, evening service, pastor's theme, "Ten Commandments for special muoic. Everybody welcome. The Week Thursday at 7, choir rehearsal; 7:30, prayer meeting.

Mrs. Jay Vosburg will be the leader. Come and bring a friend. tween seats. 37 Visible vapor; 38 Golf device.

40 Custom. MILAN METHODIST Cassius L. Myers, minister 9:30 a.m. morning service. Mr.

Myers will preach. A most cordial welcome to all. 10:45 a.m. Sunday school. Ralph Page, superintendent.

Splendid attendance last Sunday. Come tomorrow! 7:30 5 Back. 6 To decorate. FEDERATED CHURCH EAST SMITHFIELD Floyd H. Randall, minister Sunday school, 11.

Preaching 41 Sunnite, CHRISTIAN SCIENCE SOCIETY 420 1-2 S. Keystone avenue, Sayre Sunday services 11. Sunday school, 9:30. Wednesday evenings, 7:30. Soul is the subject of this week's lesson.

7 Tibetan monk. 42 Large sea 8 Sickles. duck. The Dionne Twins 51 Finish. 52 Wing.

1 53 Ascends. 54 Recent. 56 He is a by politics. 57 His term as 4 governor this year. 7 VERTICAL 1 2 Silkworm.

3 Rodent. VILLANOVA WILL ATTEMPT TO HOLD UNDEFEAED RECORD 29 Ireland. 30 Long grass. 31 Intelligence. 33 Short-lived.

34 Italian river. 35 Hops kilns. -39 Dwellings. 43 Ceremony. 44 Peeling device 48 Set of matching clothes.

49 To observe. 50 Enemy of the gods. CHURCH OF GOD 9 Male. 10 Onager. 11 Born.

12 He -was Franklin i Roosevelt's as 15 44 Young 45 Large continent. 46 Metal corrosion 47 Before. 52 Paid advertisem*nt. 55 Plural i i Corner Spruce St. and Pennsyl (Continued from Page 3) ST.

JOHN'S LUTHERAN Rev. E. M. Beysher, pastor Sunday school at morning service at union evening service at the Baptist church at 7:30. The Rev.

Glen B. Walter will preach. All are welcome. FIRST PRESBYTERIAN George B. Gensemer, minister 9:30 Sunday school.

Judson 20 To steal. nition last yeai when it was rated fourth in the country under the 4 To shed blood.22Form of "be." Williamson scoring system. Pitt, California and Alabama were classed one point above the main line eleven. vania Ave. Rev.

V. R. Johnson, pastor 10, Church school. Hazel Kin-ner will give the reading, "What Kind?" 11, Morning worship. Subject, "The Master Workman." 6:45, Christian Crusaders.

A pantomime "The Master's Touch," will be presented under the leadership of Miss Ida Wells. 7:30, Evening service. Subject, "The Business of Christians." 7 Monday, Boy Scouts. 7:30 Thursday evening, prayer and praise service. 6:30, children's service.

Smith opens practice Sept. 1 ivasi, supeimieuuciii. 'ing worship. Sermon, "Audiences with 55 husky candidates drilling for the first game against Amer with the King." 7:30, Union worship in the Baptist church. Rev.

Glen B. Walter will preach. ican International of Springfield, at Villanova Oct. 1. The team and Muhlenberg, Centre, and South Carolina are new opponents on the Villanova schedule.

Pennsylvania Military college, Buck 1 4 15 16 17 15 9 jlO III Ji5 1 3C5 ifr Li IpllMjf 34 rrWi iO.Oi, 57 36 i 40 4M4Z 45 -M aTaT'W 2Ii izz. j.yj nell and Marquette were dropped. "Clipper," who advocates rhythm as a requisite in football, has little to worry about for end FIRST BAPTIST Corner Stevenson and N. Elmer Harold F. Damon, pastor Sunday school, 10.

Dan Evans, superintendent; morning service, 11, Clifford Elsbree, student for the ministry, will preach. Special music or the organ and by the choir. Mrs. Anna Beddoes, organist; evening service, 7:30. Union service in our church with Rev.

Glen Walter preaching. The Week Prayer meeting Thursday evening, Mrs. Dan Shupp in charge. 11:30, worship service; luesuay at 7:30 p.m., prayer meeting at the chapel. FULL GOSPEL MISSION 20 Garfield street Regular services: Sunday school at 2 p.m.; evangelistic service at midweek.

Wednesday at 7:30. The public is cordially invited to attend these services. GRACE EPISCOPAL Rev. L. W.

Lunn, rector (9th Sunday after Trinity 9 Holy communion and sermon by Rev. Charles Patterson-Smyth, rector of Emmanuel church of El-mira. FIRST CHURCH OF CHRIST, SCIENTIST 431 Park venue Sunday service at 11 a.m.; Sunday school at 9:45 a.m.; Wednesday testimony meeting at 8 p.m-; Reading room open Wednesday from 2 to 5 p.m. "Soul" is the subject of the Lesson-Sermon in all Churches of Christ, Scientist, on Sunday, August 14. The Golden Text is: "Hear me speedily, Lord: cause me to hear thy loving kindness in the morning; for in thee do I trust: cause me to know the way wherein I should walk; for I lift up my soul unto thee" (Psalms 143: 7, 8.) Among the citations which comprise the Lesson-Sermon is the following from the Bible: "My soul, wait thou only upon God, for my expectation is from him.

He only is my rock and my salvation: he is my defence: I shall not be moved" (Psalms 62: 5, 6). The Lesson-Sermon also includes the following correlative selection from the textbook of Christian Science, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures," by Mary Baker Eddy: "Human thought has adulterated the meaning the world soul through the hypothesis that soul is both an evil and a good intelligence, resident in matter. The proper use of the word soul can always be gained by substituting the word God, where the deific meaning is required. In other cases, use the word sense, and you will have the scientific signification" (p. 482).

PILGRIM HOLINESS Rev. Lorrin Wilson, pastor Sunday school at 10; morning worship at 11; evening worship at 7:30. The Week Wednesday at 7:30, young people's meeting at the church; Friday at 7:30, Wolcott Hollow. and backfield material. All-Amer ican John Wysocki of Wilkes- Barre is back at left end, with Walt Nowak of Camden, N.

on the other flank. There are seven backs returning who won insignia last year. Upholding the Dionne tradition begun by Mrs. Oliva Dionne, who became the mother of five world famous daughters at Callander, Ontario, Mrs. Myrtle Dionne of Washington, D.

proudly holds her twin daughters in the hospital where they were born. Antonio E. J. Dionne, radio chief at the Naval Air Station in Washington, the proud father. Smith, a former Notie Dame TRINITY EPISCOPAL Rev.

A. M. Holloway, rector Ninth Sunday after Trinity; morning prayer and sermon, 9 a. great, predicts All-American rat- ELLA CINDERS By Bill Counselman and Charlie Plumb WHEELOCK CHAPEL LaVerne Dailey, pastor Sunday school at 10; preaching service at 11; Young People's 6:30 p.m.; evangelistic service at 7:30 p.m. The Week Tuesday evening prayer meeting 7:30.

Saturday evening prayer meeting 7:30. All are welcome. EiWiJrs HJ MfH OGEEGOSH! 1 1 111 A wouseo mv curiosity! Jg ffftfys J-O 4 S- RM 1 JiYDL ri I i 'isiESlr operation! out, 1 CHURCH OF CHRIST Floyd H. Randall, minister Church school, 9:30. Morning worship, 10:30, sermon, "The Growing Liquor Problem." Christian Endeavor society, Charles and Mary Ellis of East Smithfield, graduates of the Practical Bible school, will speak and sing.

Union service, service at the Baptist church with Rev. Temperance and Character Text: Proverbs I Thessalonians ing is all summed up in the words, "Keep thy heart with all diligence, for out of it are the BY WILLIAM E. GILROY, D. D. Editor of Advance (IX Testament and New are issues of life." While back Wiis.

su i it kmhaihi i i i i i i inn 'v Cht Itli .7 l'nlM4 FMtar. Inc. RANGER BOY IS CAUGHT 2,000 HEAD OP LAWN1n'" CATTLE ARE BEING ROUNDED UP FOR MARKET AKELETOM FoeCE OF MELW. The rest op the hands trigger double-crossed BV JA1UNG THEM TO WkXE.

HtS OOe a deputy l.ook legitimate. whem outraged Citizens invade the crooked, ranch a kid to keep them from tal.vwg too s3 3 I blended to form a lesson on the relation of temperance to character, and the aspect of temperance in personal life. It is quite easy to make such a blending, for many passages both in Old Testament and in New dwell upon the blight that comes to character as men have become degraded with indulgence in strong drink. Here, first of all, is the word of the wise man in Proverbs, possibly a collection of wisdom that represented more than the judgment of any one individual. At any rate, it is the judgment that is well enforced in the experience of man.

What is the way of health and safety and true attainment' in life? It is, first of all, the way TRWINlG TO STEAL. Tm. Mn. V. Pal un.

au ruau twnN STREMGTM OP THE BIG MAM 1, TOO MUCH THE RANGER BOY guard's gum amd a fight HEART ANO THE BlG RUFFIAN SURE TO PUI-L. THE TRIGGER WHEN AND IF HIS, aim fs. GOOD ON i WEAKEN i INQ BRINGING UP FATHER" By GEORGE McMANUS THAT FAT-HEAD WE BETTER GO FOB GOODNESS SAKE i'm WmMmMW'-l The few words from Paul's letter to I Thessalonians are a commentary upon his appeal to the wise men of old. Paul bids the Thessalonians be watchful and sober. There are the sluggards who sleep in the night, but Christian men with a sense of their privilege and duty will be men of the day, putting on the breastplate of faith and love and wearing the helmet of salvation strong, well-equipped, able for life, both to receive all that it has to give and to make their own contribution in words and deeds of goodness.

The world approves such wisdom in theory, but to an appalling extent neglects, or1 disregards it in practice. A menacing aspect of modern civilization is found in the number of people, both old and young, who depend more upon stimulants and artificial prods, rather than upon good habits and well-ordered living, for incentive and strength in daily life. It is a question how long any community can survive with strength and efficiency where artificial stimulants and restoratives supplant the essential factors of good health and discipline. Temperance is not a fad of sentimentalists and cranks, but a matter of sane and reasonable fact. Both the wisdom and the experience of mankind enforce its decrees and its warnings.

15 AT LEAoT TWENTY STORIES AFRAID GO afraid JP IN I Ht Alki UP IN THE BUILDIN' ACROSS THE STREET AN' WE CAN HOLLER AT HIM- HOAE- lULJr A I I HAI OUT UP THECe ON THAT STEEL GIRDER- IT'S AFTER WORKIN' TlME-WHAT'S THE IDEA I'LL GIT A COP of wisdom. It is the way of up-righteousness. It is the way of instruction in which one would HEY-WHAT'S be well equipped with know! IT'S DINNV KNOW HiA-HE IS AS BRAVE AN TOUGH AS THEV COhAE- It is the way of goodness, IDEA avoiding evil, turning from it, and passing on. It is the way of honest toil, and eating the bread that comes from honest toil. It is the way of avoidance of vio-'ence and of all that would rob of his senses, his judgment, -is will particularly strong contrast to the way of evil ie path of the righteous, is as "the dawning light that shineth more and more unto the perfect day." The warn in Copr.

1958, King Ftat tc. World rights reserved.

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