Dennis Schroder gives a tour of his $6 million house (2024)

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Dennis Schroder recently showed off his $6 million Los Angeles house, which features a ton of amenities for him and his family. Describing his house in German, Schroder was excited to show off the investment he made that his family can enjoy.

First, he showed his gaming room, which features his outstanding gaming rig. According to the LA Lakers guard, he usually plays Call of Duty in the room, which was set up by an engineer who helped the gaming organization, FaZe Clan. Schroder said that FaZe Swagg played in the same room.

Dennis Schroder gives a tour of his $6 million house (1) Dennis Schroder gives a tour of his $6 million house (2)

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Dennis Schroder gives a tour of his $6 million house (3)

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Next was a room solely dedicated to his three children: Dennis Jr., Imalia Aaliyah and Awa. It featured a wide space that his three kids can enjoy. Close to their playroom was Schroder's wine collection, which is stored underneath the stairs. The point guard also joked that he bought a chandelier worth $50,000.

The master bedroom featured a large bed that his wife, Ellen, designed herself. The entire bedroom was painted black to keep the theme of simplicity. The bathroom for the master bedroom featured white floor tiles, which Schroder said is the only thing he isn't a fan of.

Other than those items, his house also features a walk-in closet, multiple bedrooms and a wide view of the neighborhood from the rooftop. It also boasts an outdoor pool and a basketball court.

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Three teams that could pursue Dennis Schroder in the offseason

LA Lakers guard Dennis Schroder

Before the 2022-23 NBA season, Dennis Schroder signed a one-year deal with the Lakers. During the season, he played well, averaging 12.6 points, 2.5 rebounds and 4.5 assists, and could get a decent offer from the Los Angeles squad. However, as an unrestricted free agent, he has the power to choose which team he plays for next if he gets multiple offers.

Here are three teams that could pursue the German guard.

Denver Nuggets

The Denver Nuggets might not be able to re-sign Bruce Brown in the offseason due to their limited cap space. But acquiring Schroder could be a solution for them to address their depth for next season.

Boston Celtics

After trading away Marcus Smart, the Boston Celtics need to strengthen their backcourt depth. The addition of the quick guard could be their answer as they try to build a contending team.

LA Lakers

Returning to the Lakers isn't a terrible idea. The team will need a solid point guard off the bench, and Schroder already has a house in Los Angeles. It could be an easy deal once they start talking about his contract.

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Dennis Schroder gives a tour of his $6 million house (5) Dennis Schroder gives a tour of his $6 million house (6)

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Dennis Schroder gives a tour of his $6 million house (2024)
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